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Emergency Management

In today’s world, businesses are impacted by man-made and natural events that often leave a devastating impact on the organization. If you’re not prepared, these events could negatively impact productivity, sales, market share, brand reputation, employee morale, compliance and more. With proper planning, education and exercising linked with today’s affordable technology, businesses can have the confidence to face any event and continue operations without missing a beat. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to help our clients achieve the ability to face any type of business or technical disruption successfully. While a well thought out strategy is a key tool in protecting the business, we also recognize that a strategy is only effective if it can be successfully implemented.


We help our clients build flexible plans that can be utilized in a real-world scenario, conduct training and develop exercises that ensure employees have a keen understanding and develop your team to maintain those in the future. We also work with organizations to develop executable business continuity and disaster recovery plans.




  • Comprehensive preparedness to devastating events 


  • Positive response within your organization 


  • Limited impact on productivity/sales/market share/brand reputation 


  • High employee morale when employees understand the plan


  • Increased training and education linked to affordable technology


  • A more decisive and swifter return to normal operations


  • Positive client interaction 

  • Increased operational levels due to higher levels of sustainment in normal operations


Establishes procedures to respond to interruptions and recover critical operational functions impacted by business disruptions. Using our proven framework, we help organizations:


    • Assess organizational risks and gain                   business intelligence
    • Establish sustainable programs to address             those risks
    • Develop executable plans and implement             solutions
    • Promote a culture of preparedness


Helping Our Clients, plan for and maintain stability through emergencies, we provide a combination of real-world experience, proven methodology and a team of business continuity and disaster recovery professionals that offer a comprehensive set of services across four core areas:​


    • Crisis Management Planning
    • Business Continuity & Disaster                             Recovery Planning
    • Emergency Management


  • Conduct Program Assessment and Gap Analysis

  • Develop Strategy

  • Develop Plans


  • Establish Program & Governance

  • Evaluate & Select Technology

  • Facilitate Training & Awareness

  • Conduct Tests and Exercises


  • Conduct Business Impact Analyses

  • Implement Technology Solutions

  • Access and re-engage