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Enterprise Risk Solutions 

Our Risk Management Team includes cybersecurity, physical security, corporate and personal security, workforce violence, and insider threat consultants providing expert advice, training, and education for Corporate, State/Local, and Federal Clients.

Our Approach

Using a team approach, Adam 21 helps to ensure that the customer is provided with credible and defensible recommendations that are based on objectively collected data, rather than on the judgment or memory of a single expert. Your risk is our concern, and we want to ensure that you have made the right steps towards identification, assessment, and mitigation.

Protecting you, your business, and your employees


  • Comprehensive understanding of the current security and enterprise risk environment

  • Best Practice recommendations for physical risk mitigation

  • Understanding of how to manage operational risk in the client’s workplace environment

  • Snapshot of the current social media profile and professional staff online presence, and strategies to manage virtual privacy

  • Professional overview of current and prospective staff

  • Best-practice guidance for increasing transportation and travel security measures


We provide security assessments of the facilities and offices you work in every day, and also provide threat assessments for those employees traveling to remote areas or overseas. The physical security of your employees, clients, and facilities is critical to your continued operations.


We review the cybersecurity rules and policies in place and will conduct a compliance audit, gap analysis, and remediation assistance to determine areas for improvement.


We assess your corporate threat posture by conducting reviews of policies and procedures, helping you to develop good personal security practices, and offering social media audits to determine risk or threat. 

Enterprise Risk Solutions

Specific Services

Risk Assesment

We provide risk assessments of the facilities and offices you work in every day, threat assessments for those employees traveling or visiting unknown locations, and work with your team to develop and update organizational risk/vulnerability assessments.

Cyber Security

We review the cybersecurity rules and practices in place, identify gaps and vulnerabilities, and work with your team to provide recommendations and remediation.

ActivE Violence Training

We provide critical decision-making concepts and situational awareness strategies to reduce stress and improve employee safety at work, in public, and at home.

Insider Threat

We look at your threat posture by conducting reviews of background check policies, conducting social media audits to determine risk or threat, and can complete investigations as requested.